The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew feared Rick Perry's unabashed extremism in such a bad economy and emphasized why minorities have stuck with Obama. Obama's approval rating lows beat out even Kennedy's, and due to the debt debacle, the GOP got a downgrade. Joshua Goldstein predicted a rise in inflation, Tina Dupuy imagined if liberals acted like the Tea Party, and readers remained fiscally conservative with their credit cards in tact. With two thirds of the country wanting high taxes on the wealthy, Andrew put the heat on the Democrats to actually enact some legislation. Santorum made nonsense arguments against marriage equality while the situation for gays improved worldwide. Megyn Kelly fought back against conservatives for maternity leave, Debbie Schlussel accused Whole Foods of jihadism, and the NRA accused Hillary Clinton of teaming up with Iran and North Korea.

Around the world, Vaughan Bell scoped the psychology of London's rioters, Maria Bustillos recalled the emptiness of looters' greed, and the London reax ranged from Max Hastings calling them wild beasts to photoshopped looters. Malise Ruthven grew concerned for ghettoized Muslims, Egypt and Tunisia were suspended in revolution limbo, Israel moved to expand new settlements and block off a future Palestinian state from Jerusalem, and Brad Thor butchered foreign affairs for the layman. Fallows checked the pulse for revolution in China, Michael Lewis weighed two almost impossible plans for saving Europe, and Stephen Cook designated Netanyahu a very vulnerable Israeli Republican.

On the home front, some veterans just wanted you to buy them a beer, while others got douche chills when they get thanked. Wikipedia needed an infusion of new editors, an Atheist came under "Christian" fire, and Rachel Toor tried to calm down nervous academics. Sexy bonobos beat chimps in intelligence, human dignity grew harder to separate from animal dignity, and America prepared for a flux of aging men. Restaurant websites tried to create atmosphere that just doesn't work online, and atheists could gain more acceptance with less yelling and more leading by example.

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