“According To The Natural Law …”

Rick Santorum takes Robert P. George's medieval philosophy on the road:

Still: there is an inherent, natural, unbridgeable, definitional difference between a napkin and a paper towel? The argument, it seems to me, defeats itself. A reader adds:

I hate to say it Andrew, but Santorum is right…just not in the way he thinks. Marriage is marriage, and water is water. That is to say, all water is composed of the same elements, regardless of how it appears externally. It can be frozen, bottled, salinated, even flavored, but it's still water. My mother and father are married. You and your husband are married. My ex-roommate and her wife are married. To an observer, these situations look different. But each marriage built a family based on committment, trust, and love.

Also, if Santorum was comparing American beer and water, he was being redundant.