The UK Rioters And Iran

A reader writes:

I currently live in Tehran and I thought you might find how the London riots are playing out here interesting. For the past few days, the regime has gleefully played scenes from the riots in London and has focused on the British police brutality on the State TV. Most of the scenes are basically the British police in full riot gear beating the living daylights out of any rioting youth they could get their hands on. This has been followed by commentary by the state TV on the class warfare and racial tensions that is supposedly inherent in the Western capitalist systems.

The message is basically, in the British/Western system, the rich can get away with destroying the world economy and they are even rewarded by massive bailouts while a 12 year old caught stealing candies during the riots will be thrown in jail for a long time.

Moreover, the commentators from the Islamic Republic regime are continuously pointing to Prime Minister Cameron's statement on how his government is looking at giving the police the power to shut down the SMS and Blackberry messaging systems in cases of emergency and control social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to prevent coordination between the rioters over and over again. This as well as the tough talk by Prime Minister Cameron on how the rioters are just "thugs" and they should be forcefully dealt with by the police has fully vindicated the actions of their own regime during the 2009 Iranian election protests in the minds of the Islamists in Iran.

And now the Iranian regime has cynically called for a UN investigation into the British treatment of its poor, minorities and youth. It has even summoned the British ambassador in Iran to explain the British government's violent response to the protests and there is talk of closing the British embassy due to its "poor" human rights record.

Overall, although not connected to each other, oddly enough, London riots and the British government's responses to it have had a very negative impact on Iran and its pro-democracy movement in so far as it has once again given the Islamist government another chance to point out the hypocrisy of the West in criticizing the harsh government response in Iran in 2009 and it has also allowed them to once again portray the Iranian pro-democracy protesters as stooges of Western imperialists.