Gays As Distracting Sub-Plots

Alyssa Rosenberg is peeved about J.J. Abrams implying that a potential gay character in his new Star Trek sequel would be "oh that stupid distracting subplot about you know, you know, that minority:"

Someone should tell Abrams that it’s not a victory over tokenism to keep gay people invisible, especially when that invisibility is increasingly obviously at odds with the Star Trek vision of a progressive future.

Ryan B. counters:

We have to assume the Federation is pretty pro-gay (unless the liberal agenda gets severely made over sometime in the next couple centuries), so none of the characters would think it’s at all weird for two dudes or ladies to just start kissing. Put that on the screen, front and center, and let our discomfort be the story. That might be a good film, and it might be a film I would like quite a bit, but it would be a very hard thing for a major studio to allow in one of its tent-pole franchises. Maybe that’s the point, and it certainly would be appropriate in some sense for Star Trek to “boldly go” there, but it sure is asking a lot.

Alyssa's rejoinder here.

(Video of the first interracial kiss on television from the original Star Trek.)