Pakistan’s Latest Betrayal

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 15 2011 @ 8:19pm

As was widely predicted at the time, Pakistan almost certainly allowed China access to the wreckage of the state-of-the-art helicopter in the OBL raid. Con Coughlin shows how stupid this was:

For a country that is supposed to be a key ally of Washington – and is the recipient of billions of dollars of American aid – this represents a serious breach of trust on the part of the Pakistanis. Islamabad cannot expect to be a key ally of Washington while at the same time indulging in open acts of treachery. Congress is already angry with Pakistan for not doing more to track down bin Laden, who was allowed to live with impunity on Pakistani soil for the best part of a decade.

Noah Shachtman downplays an inspection of the aircraft and is more concerned with whether Chinese officials were able to take away samples, namely a piece of the stealth coating. Either way, Walter Russell Mead sounds the death knell for the US-Pakistan alliance.