The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Perry and Bachmann continued to flash their Christianism and Dominionism, but Andrew conceded Perry could torpedo Bachmann, especially on the economy. Perry revived the old "women should iron my shirt" joke, the internet seized on his craziest ideas, and he stooped low enough to call the troops' respect for the president into question. Bachmann's lies made Palin look like George Washington, Robert Costa earned a poseur alert for his poetic description of Marcus Bachmann's small moments, and Ron Paul got the shaft from the WSJ. We eulogized Pawlenty's failed campaign, J.F. backtracked on the "Pawlenty-sized" hole he previously saw in the race, and Iowa may or may not matter. Some Alaskans thought Palin sold out, and the Tea Party approached jumping the shark with their challenge to Allen West.

In world news, Andrew honed in on what the war in Iraq didn't achieve, while Iraq's response to the Arab Spring has been to befriend the Syrian regime, and James Wright urged Congress to enact a wartime surtax. We heard from a normal guy drafted into Iran's Revolutionary Guard, Pakistan betrayed us to China, and Glenn Greenwald attacked the denialism of Dennis Blair about children killed by drone warfare. We continued to parse our role in Somalia's violence, capitalism and Islam have a complicated relationship, and torture diamonds are the new blood diamonds.

The Catholic church had to grapple with the fact that Adam and Eve never existed and Mark Vernon wondered if all our models of true forgiveness are false. Medicare spending is falling in advance of the Affordable Care Act, but Nouriel Roubini informed us Karl Marx may have been right about the failure of capitalism. Charles Marohn argued we don't need more roads or suburban sprawl, readers plumbed the inner workings of the credit card business, and college websites suck. Female pirates cross-dressed, Dennis Rodman got choked up, and a reader berated Andrew for his simplistic Angry Birds obsession. We debated whether a new Star Trek movie should have gays boldly go there, movies went improv, and sexual economics don't account for casual (free) sex. Nicer coworkers make for a longer life, Jessa Crispin praised unconventional travel, when people go looking for meaning, they usually find shopping, and creativity loves an idle mind.

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(Photo: Republican presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry, right, eats a pork chop with Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey for Secretary of Agriculture at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa. By Tom Williams/Roll Call)