The Untruths She Persists In

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 15 2011 @ 7:36am

A reader writes:

I am in general a fan of David Gregory, but he was not prepared for the interview with Bachmann on MTP. She is using the same talking points that she has used since she announced including her statement that only one employee of the Department of Transportation was paid $170,000 before Obama took office and now there are over a thousand. That has been thoroughly debunked. See here. She blames the S&P downgrade on failure to curb entitlements, but the downgrade also included reasoning related to the failure to raise revenue. See here.

Issue after issue reveals her hypocrisy, her cherry-picking data, and her extremism. He could have nailed her, but did not.

The Factcheck page on her makes Palin look like George Washington.