Why Do College Websites Suck So Much?

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 15 2011 @ 5:40pm


A reader adds another gripe to the thread:

I would submit that college and university websites are even worse, as a class, than restaurant sites. The problem is that college sites are invariably controlled by the marketing arm of the institution, which sees the site as a recruiting device for future students. So we get giant slide shows of happy (and multicultural!) students on grassy lawns, virtual campus tours, and empty bloviations from the college president who wants "to welcome you to Western Flatlands State University, where the future is you!" The people who actually use the websites the most – current students, faculty and staff – have to dig past the flash animations and such to find such hidden items as the course schedule for next semester of the phone number of the financial aid office. This XKCD comic nails it.