Obama Meets The Tea Party

And the two protestors have a point. For Biden to have called the Tea Party terrorists without any qualifier ("economic/fiscal terrorists" would do just fine) was not exactly a contribution to civil discourse. Compared with the vitriol coming from the other side, of course, it's minor.

More interesting: examine also the argument of the man in the crowd: just "pass" a balanced budget amendment and all would be fine. But you don't just pass such a thing; the process is long and arduous, as it should be. And the main argument against such an Amendment – that it would tie government's hands if a war or recession or (ahem) both occurred. If such an amendment were to pass today, we would be headed into something much worse than the Second Great Depression, especially seeing how demand is contracting in Europe.

But the president, as always, ends with a conciliatory note:

First of all, in fairness to this gentleman who raised a question, I absolutely agree that everybody needs to try to tone down the rhetoric.

And he sought him out subsequently to talk some more. More of this, please. It's called democracy.