Rick Perry, Pseudo-Federalist

Conor reads the book, applauds the alleged positions and then, well, watches the campaign:

What is there to say about a man who says all that — local control on issues including marriage is what the Founders intended, it's a necessity for holding America together as a country, one-size-fits-all solutions are oppressive, the ability to vote with one's feet should be maintained, novel social experiments strengthen the nation, it's good that people can live in communities ruled by people who share their values, the federal government should only involve itself in the people's affairs as a last resort — and who then favors the Federal Marriage Amendment?

Here's what I'd say about him: either he is willing to passionately profess, at great length, arguments and sentiments he doesn't actually believe, or in order to become president, he is willing to abandon his most closely held and expansively argued convictions. I am not sure which is more damning.