Meanwhile, In Afghanistan


After Iraq's spike in violence, it's worth updating on our other land war in Asia. Jason Fritz worries that the critical Afghan National Police training mission isn't going so well:

Successful police development is one of the major keys to our withdrawal from Afghanistan. And yet we're still doing train and equip programs through contractors who are understaffed and receive oversight from government organizations who don't very well understand what they're supposed to do. … It is apparent that the U.S. is still not serious about the Afghan National Police as a viable force to assume responsibilities after we transition responsibility. So let's get this right very quickly or think about not wasting any more money on this endeavor.

Joshua Foust doesn't think our local development efforts are going much better. Pakistan isn't helping either. Nancy Youssef tries to assess the costs of these massive military adventures. Getty's Mark Wilson tallies another loss, seen above:

A U.S. Army carry team moves the transfer case of U.S. Army Spc. Joseph A. VanDreumel during a dignified transfer at Dover Air Force Base on August 17, 2011 in Dover, Delaware. Spc. VanDreumel, who was from Grand Rapids, Michigan, was killed while participating in combat operations in Afghanistan.