Huntsman’s Great Opportunity

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Allahpundit, a self-professed "fan of Darwin," thinks Huntsman has done himself no favors:

According to a Gallup poll taken last year, the number of Republicans who said God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years clocked in at a breezy 52 percent. Another 36 percent said evolution is happening but is being guided by God, and just eight percent joined me on RINO island by believing that evolution is happening on its own. (The last group is also a small minority among Democrats and independents, but not quite as small.)

This fan of Darwin thinks Huntsman needs to say more things like this, at every debate. He has a brand – and it is to challenge the know-nothing fundies now wrecking his party. Take them on. Throw reality in their face every time you can. You may well lose this time, but you're gonna lose anyway. Draw a line now. Make it pithy, like this tweet. Embrace science where science is appropriate and faith where faith is appropriate. Challenge them on gays and stop looking so scared when you do. Tell them the truth about immigration. Confront them on their no-taxes-ever doctrine by invoking Reagan.

Huntsman has a fantastic opportunity to be the reality-based prophet here, and to lay out the arguments that would make him a front-runner in 2016. Instead of shying from this, he should embrace it.

Noah Kristula-Green, meanwhile, wants GOP candidates asked about evolution at the next debate. Razib Khan claims that GOP candidates in the past have usually professed pro-evolution views and that a "realignment on this issue will be a sure sign that populism in the G.O.P. is the real deal."