Who Gets Punished?

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 22 2011 @ 3:43pm


by Patrick Appel

Rend Smith highlights an injustice:

What’s clear from studying the stats and the arrest patterns is that who gets busted on marijuana charges basically comes down to where police are putting patrols, serving papers or making traffic stops—and who they’re stopping. Smoke a joint in the privacy of your Chevy Chase home, and the chances of a cop showing up to cuff you for it are practically zero. Spark a blunt while strolling down the street in Ivy City, though, and an officer who’s already in the area may well spot you.

In response, E.D. Kain fumes that the "war on drugs is a war on minorities and the poor." Adam Serwer, on the same page, looks at minority parents who smoke pot and lose their kids as a result.