Huntsman Apes McCain?

by Patrick Appel

Huntsman's new ad:

Steve Kornacki believes Huntsman is trying to copy McCain's 2000 campaign strategy:

[T]here are some crucial differences between what McCain did in 2000 (and why he was able to do it) and what Huntsman's strategy is likely to produce. One is that McCain wasn't actually that far off the GOP reservation.

His main break with the GOP establishment was over campaign finance reform, an issue that mattered for nothing to most Republican voters but that mattered a great deal to the party's interest group establishment.  To them, McCain's crusade was proof that he wasn't a team player, and they mobilized to stop him once he pulled off his New Hampshire win. Beyond that, McCain presented himself as a devout Reagan/Goldwater conservative. Huntsman, by contrast, now seems to be defining himself mainly as a man who's willing to say the same things about the GOP that Democrats say: It's why the DNC followed up his ABC interview with a glowing press release.

Adam Sorensen doesn't buy the Huntsman 2016 talk:

What’s more likely: that Huntsman’s engaging in an elaborate five-year-long moderation political dance or that he overestimated his own appeal in the race and is now looking for some way to make an impression?