How Bad Could Irene Be? Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 26 2011 @ 12:58pm


by Chris Bodenner

For New Yorkers such as myself, real bad. Cuomo convenes an emergency cabinet meeting. Dan Amira is live-blogging updates. Choire assembles a survival guide for Brooklynites (money tip: transport your baby in a cat carrier). From the inbox, a Floridian who isn't being a dick:

If you actually get hit by a hurricane you are somewhat screwed. Construction of everything in Florida takes into account hurricanes. We have shutters or shatterproof windows.  We don't have water towers on top of buildings or any type of siding in our houses, even street signs and lamps are designed for storms. Our drainage systems are designed to reasonably handle several inches of rain per hour. For geographic reasons, we have one tunnel in the entire state and nothing subterranean like a subway or basement. Heck, people in the Florida Keys aren't allowed to have a first floor at ground level.  A selling point for a house or condo in Florida is that it is on the same power grid as a hospital or jail. There are a lot of generators, and if you don't have one, a person with a generator quickly gets reminded of all the nice things you did for them.

The Northeast has little or none of this.

Having been through more than half a dozen hurricanes, there are a couple necessities that don't make the list too often. A pack of cards, a lot of wine and a bunch of books are as much necessities as batteries and flashlights.

I was visiting family out in Michigan this week, so I was a little bummed that I missed the earthquake. Now it seems the gods are answering my wish for a natural disaster, but on a much suckier scale; my Brooklyn apartment is in an evacuation zone. A reader sent the above photo, captured yesterday in Nassau, Bahamas. Ominously enough, my place is next to Nassau Avenue.