Is Rick Perry Dumb?

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 30 2011 @ 12:48pm

by Patrick Appel

Jonthan Martin kicked off the debate yesterday. Erica Grieder asks how we are measuring intelligence. Jonathan Bernstein says intelligence and overall competence are issues the GOP should think deeply about:

[T]he ability to actually do a good job in the White House varies considerably, and certainly does make quite a difference. In particular, party actors – politicians, campaign and governing professionals, and even activists – have a strong incentive for choosing someone who will have strong presidential skills. That’s true whether their interests are in their own careers, or in their preferences about public policy, or some combination of both. Consider the worst two presidents over the last thirty-five years, Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush. In both cases, party priorities – and quite a few political careers – were severely damaged by having a failed president in the Oval Office.