Mitt Romney Is Bad At Politics


by Maisie Allison

Jonathan Last counters Douthat, insisting that Romney is simply a "non-starter as a political commodity" because he has no core supporters. Relatedly, he's not particularly good at winning elections:

[Romney has] a 17-year career average of 5-18. I don’t think you could find any other figure in politics who has run this far below the Mendoza line and still managed to get taken seriously as a presidential candidate. In fact, the only reason Romney gets taken seriously is his money. Strip away the $500M treasure room and the willingness to blow large chunks of his kids’ inheritance, and he’s Ron Paul without the ideological moorings and grassroots support.

Referring to Romney's putative strategy against Perry, Scott Galupo adds:

You can practically hear the clanging and buzzing of Romney Robotic Manipulation technology…As in 2008, when he tried and failed to outflank Sen. John McCain's right, Romney appears to think that he can run like a literary composite character. Yes, Rick Perry is eminently vulnerable to a Medi-scare campaign. And, at least among the conservative base, it would appear that Perry is disturbingly pragmatic when it comes to immigration. But, at this point in the history of U.S politics, it would be a highly unusual creature who could launch both attacks simultaneously.

(Photo: Alex Wong/Getty.)