The “Decoupling Of Attitudes”

by Zoë Pollock

That's what a new Public Religion Research Institute report calls the fact that those who support marriage equality don't always support abortion. Amanda Hess summarizes:

Today, while 57 percent of people under 30 see gay sex as "morally acceptable," only 46 percent of them would say the same thing about having an abortion.

She chalks it up to the conservative appeal of marriage equality:

Over the past several decades, the mainstream gay rights movement has aligned its priorities with fundamentally conservative institutions: Gays and lesbians want the right to get married, adopt children, and serve in the military. These family-friendly, all-American demands appeal to the conservative base … Reframing abortion rights as a family value is a trickier sell. Though about one-third of women will abort a pregnancy in their lifetimes—a figure that spans age, ideology, and religion—many who have undergone the procedure remain in the closet.