DC Ditching Its Citizens

by Chris Bodenner

… who are trying to lawfully grow cannabis for medical purposes within the District. Martin Austermuhle explains:

[A]pplicants have to sign a form admitting not only that they know they’re breaking federal law, but that if they get caught, it’s all on them—and not on the D.C. government. … [E]ven though applicants will submit lengthy applications in hopes of gaining a license from the District to grow or dispense marijuana—a federal offense—the city claims it isn’t actually authorizing or excusing what will invariably be a violation of federal law. (The city will be taking its money, though— $5,000 for each application filed and $5,000 a year simply to operate a cultivation center. A dispensary will cost $10,000 a year.)

Yet another form of taxation without representation, except now it's from the DC government itself.