Not So Fast

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 1 2011 @ 7:57am
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The Fast and the Furious – Mexico Grift
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by Chris Bodenner

Running through the unambiguously bad details of the DOJ's "Fast And Furious" operation, David Rittgers finds that the reassignment of ATF chief Kenneth Melson is not enough:

If you’re a private citizen, this sort of thing gets you 30 years in prison. If you’re a whistleblower within ATF, you get terminated. If you’re a supervisor responsible for such a scheme, you get promoted reassigned to ATF headquarters.

This ATF scheme broke numerous firearm laws, possibly the Arms Export Control Act, and facilitated multiple murders. The end result this litany of crimes and persistent ATF and DOJ stonewalling congressional investigations cannot simply be Melson’s removal and replacement with a DOJ official who may also have been complicit in the gun-running scheme. … Melson’s departure is certainly warranted, but we’re a few indictments and many terminations short of justice, in my mind.

Issa's oversight committee is pressing forward.