Beyond Willingham

by Zack Beauchamp

Brandi Grissom reports on some other questionable executions that Rick Perry refused to commute:

Leonard Uresti Rojas was convicted in 1996 of shooting to death his common-law wife and his brother. The appellate lawyer appointed to handle Rojas’ case was inexperienced, on probation with the state bar and suffered from mental illness, according to court documents. He had been disciplined for not adequately serving his clients and was serving three probated sentences from the bar while he was working on Rojas’ case. He missed crucial deadlines for filing appeals on Rojas’ behalf, effectively eliminating any chance he might have had for relief.

Kara Brandeisky compiles a similar list (with minimal overlap). Ryan Murphy and Noah Seger made an infographic looking at all executions in Texas under Perry's tenure. More Dish on Perry and execution here, here, and here.