“I Will Not Apologize For America!”


by Maisie Allison

Larison dismantles Romney's approach to foreign policy, which seems to be based on the notion that Obama went on a world "apology tour" after his inauguration:

The “apology tour” is a complete fabrication. If Romney said this as a throwaway applause line once or twice, we could dismiss it as cheap politicking and no one would care, but this criticism has been at the core of Romney’s foreign policy message for the last two years. It is the main conceit of his campaign book, No Apology, whose foreign policy section is painfully bad. Romney has decided for some reason to put an obvious falsehood at the center of the argument why voters should trust him to set U.S. foreign policy.

He anticipates that Romney would bring "overreach and hubris" to the job. Jennifer Rubin is pleased by Romney's boldness. James Joyner calls it "vanilla." More on imperial conservatism here

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images.)