Sarah Palin, Kingmaker?

by Patrick Appel

John Fund bets that Palin won't run and will instead endorse Perry. Weigel imagines how this might play out:

If we buy the Palin-Bachmann rivalry story, Palin's got to love how endorsing Perry accelerates Bachmann's collapse. As soon as Perry got it, in was clear that Bachmann, who appeals to the same voters but has no executive experience, had no real path to victory. But if Palin backs Perry, the catfight-crazed media will report the "Bachmann snub!" angle; it will become part of the story of how Bachmann fell. The hard-charging congresswoman, the first female winner of the Ames straw poll, declines to her rightful status as a Palin-lite; Palin, who will have just acknowledged that she can't win a primary on her own, will be seen as a kingmaker.

John Avlon, thinking along the same lines, says the "Palin seal of approval for Rick Perry would be the kiss of death for Mitt Romney."