Wikileaks Wikileaked, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 2 2011 @ 1:37pm

by Zack Beaucahmp

Joshua Foust worries about the consequences of Wikileaks' security breach:

The Zimbabwe cable Albon discusses was reviewed and vetted both by Wikileaks and  The  Guardian newspaper as a part of their "harm minimization" process. It was clearly inadequate. The latest leak, however, contains no such attempts at harm minimization. The new tranche available online contains no redactions, which places diplomatic sources, informants, methods, and communications even more directly at risk than any previous risk from accidental exposure. This latest leak is the purest distillation of Wikileaks' campaign to destroy the system of international diplomacy.

Greenwald, unsurprisingly, has a more sympathetic take. Oddly, Wikileaks is discussing a lawsuit against the Guardian with the U.S. State Department over its role in the leak.