“Nonsketchy” Online Dating

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 5 2011 @ 11:55am

by Zack Beauchamp

Lucy Moore reports on a new model for meeting people on the internet:

Grouper is a self-described social club that involves signing up through facebook. Grouper techs match your facebook profile (interests, likes) to another Grouper applicant of the opposite sex; once matched, you receive a confirmation email and find two friends to join you on your Grouper meetup. The outcome? Three boys and three girls meet at a trendy location chosen by Grouper founders Jerry Guo, former "Good Life" columnist, and Michael Waxman, designer of the news reader Paper buff. For 20$ a person, you and your friends have a table at an assigned venue, and the Grouper match and their friends meet you under one reservation name (first drink included!) For us, it was Lucy–no other information about either party was disclosed prior. Comparing Grouper to sites like OkCupid, this is a big difference. There is absolutely no stalking or ruminating on who you will meet up with! The experience is based solely on the actual meetup and nothing else.

Lucy had previously penned a fantastic dispatch on New York's OK Cupid scene. She's a great friend and an awesome sex writer, so you should go check it out.