Lack Of Irony Watch

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 6 2011 @ 11:29am

"Like you, I’m not for sale," – Sarah Palin.

I was all convinced by John Fund's takedown of Palin's chances of running, because of her closeness to Perry. And then you read in her speech a diatribe against "crony corporate capitalism," which is Bachmann's line against Perry. And you wonder again. I'd go through the speech Palin made but it was so rambling, extreme and catch-all it's simply another example of her total detachment from reality and worth less scrutiny than your average Denny's menu.

But having now read Joe McGinniss's "The Rogue," I can safely say that reality is about to re-attach to her. Finally! Some actual, reported, unafraid journalism on this farce of a candidate. Pre-order now.