Debate Reax, Ctd

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A variety of comments from the in-tray and our Facebook page:

Beyond the "lock box" argument, did I hear a candidate make a crack about Al Gore inventing the internet? The fact that these candidates are making cracks and pointing to policies from decades ago – as you noted with regard to welfare reform – shows how removed Republicans are from pressing political and economic realities. It's striking to see the way President Obama contrasts with this crew simply by being a serious adult, and then talk to friends and relatives (I'm originally from Pennsylvania) who believe the most far-fetched and backwards things about Obama. It is a real through-the-looking-glass experience.

That said, Huntsman also seems like a serious adult. I disagree with him, but he seems able to have a reasonable discussion. He seems like a member of the "reality-based community."

Another reader:

Listening to GOP Presidential candidates talk about science is like listening to children talk about sex: They know it exists, they have strong opinions about what it might mean, but they don't have a clue what it's actually about.


I don't understand this. The government doesn't have the power to vaccinate but it has the power to kill its own citizens? What?


Perry lost in my eyes. In the eyes of the in-laws, however, he won it big time. They like the idea of executions and hate the idea of Social Security. Perry's their guy. Thing is, they're both on Social Security and Medicare.


Who won? The guy who's not on stage but who's dwarfing them all: Reagan.


Romney won. Easily. Huntsman emerged, but it will only matter if talking heads give him the nod. Santorum, Paul and Cain can go home now. Bachmann has never been a serious candidate. Ever. She's ridiculous. Perry died in a way I've never seen anyone die in a debate. He was laughably poor. Which means Palin can jump in now and act like she's all magic and clever.

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