Who Agrees Social Security Is A Ponzi Scheme?

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 8 2011 @ 11:42am

How popular is Perry's position? Weigel reads the polls:

Rasmussen Reports actually tried to ask, coming up with a poll on that question: Is Social Security a Ponzi scheme? So 27 percent say yes, 36 percent say no, and 37 percent, confronted with a weird Italian name and a concept that only comes up when Rick Perry or Bernie Madoff is in the news, are not sure. It's that last factor that makes me doubt the meaningfullness of the poll. In early 2009, Rasmussen asked voters what they thought of cap and trade. Only 24 percent could only say what it was. Two years later, even in death, it's one of the most-hated items in the Democratic agenda.