End Of Gay Culture Watch: A Hetero Grindr, Ctd

Hetero Grindr will apparently be more text than picture based. Bryan Lowder is skeptical that this will work:

[T]he real appeal of Grindr seems to be a kind of friendly/titillating voyeurism, spiked, perhaps, with a shot or two of narcissism. True, Grindr users certainly find friendship, sex, and even love through the app, but in my experience, grinding is really just a more advanced version of that old website “Hot-or-Not.” You look to see who’s cute or busted, you chat to see what people will say, and you criticize/praise profiles to your friends depending on your tastes. Then, you close it and check your email or, you know, talk to your friends in real life.

Forget Hetero Grindr; OK Cupid got there first, last month:

If you're particularly after the nerdlinger demographic, [OKC's] new geolocation feature ["Locals"] for Android and iOS apps will aid you in your search for true love. True love, or a hetero-shag a la Grindr, anyway. The apps will locate other OkCupid users within your proximity, whether they match your interests or not (you can toggle the security settings, obviously). Once you've found someone whose profile catches your eye, you can either chat with them, swap some photos and arrange a date.