Can We Save The USPS?

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 9 2011 @ 10:54am

Testimony from the Postmaster General:

The Postal Service is near default [NYT]. Josh Barro argues that mail sent to rural locations should cost more. Wilkinson's dream policy:

My preference would be to lift the monopoly and shrink the USPS very gradually to, say, 20% of its present size (through a combination of buyouts, financed by the sale of USPS real estate, and a freeze on new hires) and transform it into a transparently tax-subsidized service (for households, not companies) that picks up and delivers mail once or twice a week for somewhat less than a private delivery service would charge. If you want to send a letter now, or want to send a piece of mail that gets where it's going fast, you can pony up and pay whatever DHL or FedEx or UPS or whomever is charging. Or you can wait for Wednesday, when that nice lady in the blue shorts looking forward to her very good pension comes by.

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