Pawlenty Endorses Romney

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 12 2011 @ 9:08am

Did T-Paw just earn himself a place on Romney's short-list? Weigel thinks so:

The early endorser, who doesn't court media attention for his Hamlet Act, looks loyal. He looks like a possible running mate. So Pawlenty stays somewhat relevant, "Obamneycare" means less than ever, and Romney gets… a bounce? Do we actually think that? Pawlenty left the race as the anti-Romney-who-couldn't-pull-it-off. The TPaw voters I talked to in Iowa and New Hampshire didn't sound like they were as faithful to him as faithful to the idea of beating Romney.

Mataconis wonders if "this may be the beginning of the GOP Establishment lining up behind the former Massachusetts Governor as the race narrows down to a Romney/Perry fight."