The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew warned of the dangers of a GOP that operates like a religious movement and not a political party, and live-blogged the Tea Party debate in horror. The full reax is here, Andrew dared Hannity to admit Obama has cut taxes more than Bush did, and countered Maureen Dowd on Obama's "weakness." Pawlenty endorsed Romney, and Andrew and Douthat sparred over the viability index. It may be too late for Perry to save Social Security after he's bashed it so joyfully, and GOP consultants wanted Romney to get Perry to attack recklessly. Economists mostly agreed that the Social Security as Ponzi scheme analogy is flawed, and David Dow listed the Texas executions that are a result of unfair policies promoted by Perry. Garry Trudeau joined Andrew in being unable to put down Joe McGinniss Palin book, and then the Chicago Tribune promptly pulled the offending comic strips.

Andrew applauded Leon Wieseltier's 9/11 take on religious freedom in America, Sally Kern feared homosexuality more than terrorism, another 9/11-inspired Malkin award here, and Herman Cain sang the pain away. Terror invaded our televisions and our police departments, and readers submitted the art that touched them after 9/11. Andrew struggled to understand Max Boot's logic on the aftermath of the Iraq war, a reader echoed Andrew's appreciation of Mearsheimer's prescience, and Ali Soufan's book illuminated how torture was ordered by the White House. Internationally, Andrew urged Israel to take a leap of faith on Palestinian statehood, and congratulated Niall and Ayann on their very American union. Germany prepared for a Greek default, India scanned the irises of its 1.2 billion population, and Japanese men wore Hawaiian shirts to save the environment.

Uranium exposure doesn't just apply to female troops, guilt-trips help doctors wash their hands, and behavioral economics offered a politicians a way out from instituting harsher laws. A reader wasn't a fan of Jen Graves' race essay, and Anne-Marie Slaughter predicted the next wars will be fought by cyber-warriors. Steven Johnson predicted ripped jeans and the Roomba, Gregg Bernstein made the iTunes agreement actually legible, and fetal microchimerism means we never really leave our mothers. The Dish got psyched for pot culled from the bodies of naked resin-covered men and horses, birth control affects your memory, and the self-control showed by Jenga dog blew our minds.

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(Photo: Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Gov. Rick Perry during a debate sponsored by CNN and The Tea Party Express at the Florida State fairgrounds on September 12, 2011 in Tampa. By Win McNamee/Getty Images)