Why The GOP Loves Perry

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 12 2011 @ 7:57pm

Dreher says that Romney's attacks against Perry aren't working:

The lesser reason [Perry hasn't been damaged] is that people may not agree with [Perry] on Social Security, but they appreciate his willingness to stake out a risky position on the issue (and, truth to tell, they may well be confident that he won’t be able to do squat about it). I think the far more likely reason is that Cowboy Rick looks exactly like the kind of guy who is going to take the fight to Obama, and take it to him hard.

I think this is a misjudgment. If the economy is bad next fall, people will be looking for a reason to vote against Obama. Reasonable, pinstriped Romney will come across as a safe choice for many independent voters. It will be very, very easy for Team Obama to make Perry look like Yosemite Sam.  Nevertheless, if Romney can’t take some flesh out of Perry’s hide in tonight’s debate, GOP primary voters are going to have their doubts that he’s got what it takes to go up against Obama solidified.