For Those Without Doormen

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 13 2011 @ 4:39pm

Amazon is experimenting with a nascent system of "lockers" in local 7-Eleven stores. John Cook previews:

The locker idea, for those who are new to this story, is a novel one (at least in the U.S.). Amazon customers would be able to choose to have packages delivered to a specific 7-Eleven store, receiving an access code that could be used to open one of the lockers where the item is stored. It is a cool idea, and could solve the problem of those shoppers who don’t have a reliable spot for deliveries to be left throughout the day…The idea of delivery locker also could change the way people think about e-commerce, bringing a whole new definition to the word convenience.

Meanwhile, Amazon lays the groundwork for a Netflix-like subscription service for digital books.