“This Is Not The Revolution”

A reader writes:

Hello from Cairo. Just wanted to note regarding your post earlier this morning how frustrating it is to watch what is going on here right now.

The SCAF is using the oldest trick in the book (we have always been at war with Eurasia) to distract the revolutionaries, and it is working. I am no conspiracy theorist, but the orchestration going on here is obvious and brilliant. You really think the security forces can clear Tahrir in 20 minutes but can't protect one building? Please. And how often is that footage going to be played over and over again on western media to justify the resurgence of emergency law, the ongoing media crackdown, and I am almost certain, a further delay in elections for "security concerns."

The saddest thing is that last Friday's rally was a peaceful, energetic and fairly focused demonstration, with great energy, until a very small fraction of the protesters went to the embassy to ruin it for everyone. My Egyptian friends were furious. "This is not the revolution."