“This Is Still The Nasserist Regime”

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 13 2011 @ 9:50am

Michael Totten has a dispiriting dispatch from Cairo:

Most Western analysts describe Mubarak’s government as an American ally that was at least moderately cooperative with Israel, which is accurate to an extent, but his state-controlled media cranked out vicious anti-American and anti-Israeli propaganda every day for three decades. No one should expect liberalism (and I’m using that word in its general sense, not in the parochial American sense) to emerge any time soon after all that. Egypt’s official propaganda after it signed the peace treaty and after it replaced the Soviet Union with the United States as its nominal ally has been no better than it was during the heyday of Nasser’s pan-Arabist days.

Marc Lynch worries that the recent attack on the Israeli Embassy might derail Egypt's democratic transition. Daniel Serwer thinks the attack is sympomatic of an underlying malaise in the push for genuine democracy.