The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 13 2011 @ 11:15pm

Today on the Dish, Andrew called the GOP out for cheering what the tragedy of the uninsured. Real conservatives moved towards moderation and compromise, while GOP elites freaked out about Perry's electability. Michael Scherer marveled at Perry's many campaign personalities over the years, Perry somewhat redeemed himself with an Yglesias award, and Ed Morrissey fact-checked Bachmann's anti-vaccine nonsense. Jamie Fuller compared Hillary and Obama to Romney and Perry, Palin pinged Perry and credited herself with calling the shots for the candidates and Levi entertained us with a new round of Sarah horror stories.

Conservatives will have to rethink their infatuation with Chile’s privatized social security system, Derek Thompson assessed productivity in the healthcare and education fields, and Seth Masket emphasized this election matters because the next president gets credit for saving the country. Members of Congress vote to please rich people because, for the most part, they are rich people, and fees may solve our revenue woes. The middle class felt the blow of a recession more than the rich, Jonah Goldberg exhibited some cognitive dissonance on exploitative rhetoric, and Eliezer Yudkowsky aired his libertarian frustrations.

Andrew echoed Erdogan and Bob Gates on how spoiled Israel is, we assessed the future fallout of a Palestinian declaration, and Michael Totten measured the hurdles Eygpt still faces for democracy. Church attendance boomed in China, and al-Qaeda may be done thanks to Obama's lethal persistence, while others disagreed. Flying while part-Arab is still a risk, Noah Millman recalled our wounded post-9/11 rationality, and approval of interracial marriage hit an all-time high, but Julian Sanchez wasn't buying it.

Andrew explored lower levels of testosterone after kids, and college is in for a transformation akin to journalism's. This is a truly great piece of 9/11 art, readers piled on the existence of Che shirts in Brooklyn, and one reader just couldn't handle the idea of women dying in combat. Jay Ulfelder challenged dictators in children's fiction, and Contagion sacrifices good story-telling for scientific accuracy. YouTube links live the longest online, and the future of home deliveries could involve 7-Eleven lockers.

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