Who Is The Neocons’ Candidate?

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 14 2011 @ 4:44pm

The neocons are starting to fret over Perry's unreliability (or incoherence) on Afghanistan. Jennifer Rubin's eyes wander (she later called Monday's debate a "foreign policy horror show"): 

The biggest argument for another candidate is Perry’s failure to close the deal. He’s turned in two very spotty debate performances and refused to put nettlesome issues to bed by disclaiming imprudent comments and ill-thought-out positions. He hasn’t presented any proposals, relying purely on his record (albeit a very good one) in Texas. Right now he’s collecting the lion’s share of the not-Romney votes, but if there were another not-Romney who had a solid record, was a familiar face and could present a compelling agenda, wouldn’t a lot of Perry’s support melt away?

And who might that possibly be? Hmmmm. Wlady Pleszczynski, meanwhile, is sticking with Perry vs. Romney.