Fundamentalism In NY-9

Robbie George celebrates its role in the special election:

In the run up to the election, a group of Orthodox rabbis, most from Brooklyn, but including others, notably Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky and Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen, two nationally prominent Orthodox Jewish authorities, published a letter stating that "it is forbidden to fund, support, or vote for David Weprin."  The reason?  As a member of the New York state legislature, Weprin, despite his Orthodox Jewish beliefs, voted to redefine marriage to include same-sex partnerships.  This, the rabbonim declared, was chillul Hashem—a desecration, or bringing of shame, on God's name. The rabbis went on to say that "Weprin's claim that he is Orthodox makes the chillul Hashem even greater"…The letter from the rabbonim went farther than anything I recall Catholic bishops saying.

Naturally, K-Lo and Maggie Gallagher chime in. I'm sure some generic national factors – the economy primarily – played a role in the Democratic disaster here. But it may not be too wise to extrapolate too much from a population dominated by older, more paranoid Jewish voters and hardcore Orthodox homophobes.