The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew believed Obama could easily best Perry even with a bad economy, and Paul Burka told Perry to watch out for Palin's bid. More papers hopped on the censorship bandwagon to avoid offending Palin's fans with a Doonesbury comic strip, and details leaked from "The Rogue." Bachmann's anti-vaccine nonsense incensed the bloggy right, Chris Good urged Perry to stick with his pro-immigration policies, and readers parsed the libertarian argument against emergency rooms. Dissents of the day addressed where exactly the cheers were directed, and Kornacki argued Perry's GOP weaknesses are actually national strengths. Nate Silver expressed concern for Dems in the Senate after the special election, while Robbie George chalked it up to Jewish Fundamentalism in New York. Elizabeth Warren threw her hat in the Senate race, contractors make way more money than federal employees, and Jonathan Bernstein didn't believe in equal media coverage.

In international news, Tony Judt didn't go easy on Israel in his last interview, Benny Morris captured the social inequality, and Obama still doesn't hate Israel. Israel wasn't prepared for non-violent Palestinian protests, and Frontline tracked when torture arrived in America. John Quiggin wondered if China can weather its serious economic shocks, Dave Betz explored the extreme loyalty and bonding of terrorists, and News International's list of victims expanded. Libya faced a political nightmare for reconstruction,

In other national affairs, we examined how much we pay into and get back from Medicare and Social Security and immigration depresses the wages of established immigrants more than any other group. Bartering and debt is more personal than we think, and the US has had a lucky history with regards to buying and holding onto stocks. HIV could hold the key to curing cancer, and the science of testosterone was catching up to a more egalitarian theory of masculinity. Readers stormed the gates with examples of democratic children's literature, we faced up to the ugly truths of rape and war for women in battle, and two female vets relayed their experiences. Plastic surgery could fulfill the transhumanist dream, American tennis fandom declined, having a nice camera doesn't make you a great photographer, and rural areas resemble cities more and more.

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(Photo: People gather at the Tea Party Express rally on September 5, 2011 at Veteran's Memorial Park in Manchester, New Hampshire. By Darren McCollester/Getty Images.)