Think Twice Before You Round Third

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 15 2011 @ 7:32am

A reader writes:

One of the aspects that I have not seen mentioned in the HPV vaccine debate is the huge increase in oral cancers resulting from HPV.  My brother is an ENT surgeon specializing in head and neck cancers in a traditional tobacco-growing area.  We were recently grilling him for gory stories about huge tumors resulting from chewing tobacco or lifelong smoking, but he said that the cases he sees the most nowadays are from HPV.  This was the first we had heard of this and eyebrows were raised all around.  My good friend even commented, "I'm gonna have to rethink 'My Move'." 

These vaccines will not only protect the girls from future cervical cancer, but many men and women from horrible oral cancers. For more, see this link to the Oral Cancer Foundations Site.