The Urban Oenophile

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 17 2011 @ 7:07pm


Nicola Twilley interviews David Gissen on The Metro Wine Map of France, which represents the country’s wines as stops on a regional subway line:

One thing I only learned through making the map was that all the “lines,” with just a few exceptions, follow rivers or coastlines. You would not necessarily understand, by looking at a normal French wine map, the absolute centrality of the rivers, which are the routes that the Greeks and Romans used as they were moving through France and planting vines. …

Our experience of wine is really an urban one — I think that may well be historically true as well, back as far as the Greeks and Romans founding towns and then planting grapes around them. And yet the first thing that most people who love wine do in order to learn more about wine is run out into the vineyard. I’m interested in going the opposite route, and digging deeper into the urban experience of wine.

The full map is here.