Censure But No Change

A new report (pdf) officially blames BP for choosing cost-cutting measures over safety at the Deepwater Horizon rig. Peter Maass spots a pattern:

After disasters like the BP spill and the financial meltdown, two outcomes seem possible: real reform and a better system, or superficial change and danger-as-usual. The financial meltdown occurred in 2008, two years before the BP disaster, and it’s pretty clear which way that story is going. Modest financial reforms have been instituted but nobody of substance has been punished, and the big banks are bigger than ever and as powerful as ever, perhaps more so, in view of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision giving corporations greater leeway to make political donations. The banks remain too big to fail and could well fail again. The BP spill is following the same unfortunate path.

Kiley Kroh notes that Congress has failed to pass a single piece of legislation aimed at strengthening offshore drilling safety or oversight.