Perry And The Far Right

Andrew Sullivan —  Sep 23 2011 @ 9:52am


In fact, he's not far right enough. I have a feeling that the in-state tuition subsidy for the kids of illegal aliens effectively ends his candidacy. But if that doesn't, his inability to sustain the energy and focus for two hours in a debate is fatal. Malkin:

The cringe-worthiest moment, by a hair, was when Perry botched what should have been his most potent attack on Mitt Romney’s chronic flip-flopping. As I noted on Twitter when it happened, any random high schooler at the CPAC conference in Washington could have done better than this … Perry said he’s in favor of making English the official language of the U.S. Perhaps he should concentrate on mastering it before the next debate.

Coulter tweets:

“Governor Perry losing debate with his own tongue.”

The Palinites:

Everyone here in Palinville who looks forward to good hard competition will be relieved to know that Gov. Rick Perry was NOT drunk at last night’s debate, all appearances to the contrary. It’s just that before taking the stage he inexplicably chose to receive a Gardasil shot, one of whose known side effects is mental slowness.

Wingnut Riehl:

Going in, I saw these last three debates as critical to him, but by no means everything. Unfortunately, instead of seizing upon them as an opportunity, his now obviously very weak debating skills have proved to be disastrous.


Perry has been coming back to Earth lately, partly on his uneven debate performances. Orlando didn’t do anything to change that dynamic–indeed may have accelerated it.

If Perry cannot win over these partisans, what chance independents? And the one good moment he had last night – his account of meeting with a woman with cervical cancer that helped him decide in favor of the HPV vaccine – was a lie. He met her after he had already made the decision.


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