Romney’s New Attack Ad Draws Blood

Rick Perry has walked back his immigration remarks. But Romney isn't letting up:

TPM provides some background:

Yes, that’s former Mexican President Vincente Fox (a George W. Bush BFF and later Bush critic) giving Perry a shout-out for signing a bill all but four members of his state legislature sent to his desk. The bill was at the time fairly uncontroversial. Although the GOP right now portrays it as some kind of “magnet” for illegal immigrants, it was seen at the time as a practical solution to a common border state issue. Texas had plenty of young Latino children who had been brought into the country by their parents illegally when they were young. Many were in effect naturalized and passed through the various institutions of the state, but then reached college and found they would have to pay out-of-state tuition fees. This was a barrier to higher learning for a mobile and burgeoning group, and so passed the Texas legislature fairly smoothly.