The Miracle Of The Yogasm, Ctd

A reader personalizes our post:

When my wife and I first starting sleeping together, she warned me that she couldn't have orgasm through vaginal intercourse. It was a combination of being a late bloomer and the way she was "shaped", but not to worry about it because she still enjoyed sex. Fast forward 10 years and two kids later. We were still enjoying our sex life, but I had still never gotten her there. Then she took up 20 minutes of yoga before bedtime to relieve stress and keep her core toned to head off bone-loss problems as she approached middle age. Remember the scene in the Network when they parody feminism by having Fay Dunaway's character develop a problem with coming too soon? Yeah it's like that! 

Another reader, as Pareene once put it, gets all oversharey:

How funny! I just finished a yoga workout and gave myself some orgasms with my magic wand, when lo and behold I turn on Andrew and read about yogasms! I have never experienced one during yoga class or practice (I still have a hard time keeping the mula bandha lock), but I can do it with the magic wand. Squeezing the perineum muscle helps bring up deep-trapped energy in my legs and feet, often painful memories that the more I accept, the more I can release them into a powerful orgasm. It beats therapy by a mile. Thanks for the link! Made my day!

And they say blogging is onanistic.