The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 3 2011 @ 11:23pm

Today on the Dish, the media descended on Paint Creek and turned up an ugly stone in Rick Perry's pasture, and a reader explored the peculiar meanings of "niggerhead." Obama upped the ante on gay rights and social issues, and Andrew perceived a tipping point. In our video installment, Andrew predicted that the Republican electorate will probably nominate Perry and will probably regret it. Michael Gerson berated Romney for a sinister and incoherent attack on the Texas governor's immigration record. Looks do matter in a president, and it happens that Chris Christie looks like much of America. 

Andrew reiterated his stance on the assassination of al-Awlaki, he wants our troops out of Iraq this year, and Dick Cheney won't give up his panicked struggle to rewrite history (and the rule of law). A pastor physically attacked his own son and his boyfriend in church, a Perry-affiliated Christianist was convinced Israel would ultimately be "saved," and we witnessed a disturbing view into the fundamentalist settler mentality. Israeli politicians are like investment bankers, Ron Kampeas traced the GOP's conversion to the U.S. party of Likudniks, and Goldblog blamed Turkey for Israel's settlements. Kevin Williamson explained why China hawkery is misguided, we needn't worry about an Iranian blockade, and a reader shared a harrowing story of female genital mutilation in Somaliland. Another reader introduced us to the new documentary Tahrir, and territorylessness leads to indiscriminate forms of violence in civil wars.

Robert Spencer and David Horowitz tried to explain away the term Islamophobia as an elaborate enemy invention, and Roseanne Barr unleashed an unhinged attack on guilty bankers. We've lost the physiological capacity to self-regulate, added conspirators undermine conspiracies, and Mike Konczal outlined an agenda for the Wall Street protestors as the movement entered DC. Walter Russell Mead fawned over Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum's new book, and the MSM continued to dismiss Joe McGinniss's. Immigration won't be the silver bullet that will save Social Security, the film American Teacher's case for higher teacher salaries stopped short of raising the hard questions, and a libertarian woke up

Biking is for everyone, and Americans migrated South in record numbers. Parenthood ruined Dreher's appetite for dramatic violence, rogue DNA spurred the evolution of modern human pregnancy, and moms are getting older. We marveled at the curiosity of children, men with master's degrees out-earn female PhDs, and in general women tend to be more precise about their "number." Credit histories don't predict how reliable an employee will be, a PB&J sandwich isn't "non-obvious" enough to be rewarded with a patent, and a solar company has devised a smarter payment plan for its service. Pundits can't seem to tell the truth, and we couldn't resist hot Wall Street occupiers and the most well-hung characters on TV.

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