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Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 5 2011 @ 11:20pm

Steve jobs
Today on the Dish, Andrew mourned one of the best in American history and rejoiced as one of the worst bowed out. The GOP's erratic base resisted Romney as elites resigned themselves to him, a liberal issued confidence in his sobriety, and Latino voters fled (Jon Stewart's devastating take-down here). We examined the Herman Cain boomlet as he took the lead in some states, and the GOP's "black friend" doesn't appear to have any gay ones. Bachmann suggested that the president should be impeached, and aggregate spending on political ads matters more than messaging. In our video feature, Andrew celebrated his Americanism.

We lost confidence in the super committee's willingness to cut a deal, Bartlett exposed the notion of "regulatory uncertainty" as sheer political invention, and individual rights stimulate economic growth. Cheney should apologize to Obama and not the other way around, and Rumsfeld flopped in his first real interview. Roger Ailes refreshingly admitted the obvious, David Cameron made Andrew's conservative argument for gay marriage, and Russell Kirk envisioned a conservatism of "thought and imagination." A buttoned-down Wall Street occupier defended the movement as Wilkinson smiled upon it, and idealism surrounding divided government was crushed.

Foreign aid hit the chopping block, but our "fetishistic" funding of Israel remained sacrosanct, and Congress undermined the security of Israel by taking steps to punish the Palestinians in spite of Netanyahu. Military conscription waned, the army prepped a young veteran for homelessness, Russia and China had Assad's back in the UN, and we won't sweat China's economic slowdown.

Apple made an uncanny prediction about its new voice assistant feature 24 years ago. Employers snooped on our not-so-private lives, atheists really shouldn't take the Bible literally in their critiques, free sperm donors proliferated, and false confessions are easier to extract than you would think.

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