A Malnourished Puppet

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 6 2011 @ 8:02am

A first:

I’m curious to see what Lily
whose family is financially disadvantaged enough that they have trouble keeping food on  the table. As much as very special episodes are annoying, this strikes me as a good idea. The prospect of not having enough to eat is really viscerally terrifying, especially if you’re young. But it’s important for kids (and adults as well) to understand how many Americans are hungry in what’s supposed to be a land of opportunity. More than 10 percent of Americans relied on food stamps for at least part of 2010. Trying to communicate the magnitude of that problem while spurring people to action (rather than scaring them so much they shut down) is a difficult task, but I hope this special can be an occasion for broader family conversations about poverty and the economy.