Malkin Award Nominee

"What happens when individuals get pushed into positions, or elevated to positions for which they're not qualified? We've talked about this a lot. This is a problem with affirmative action, is that people get pushed, pushed, pushed farther than their abilities can match the position, and then they just keep failing … And what happened with Obama is that he gets this job that he's not qualified for.  … And guess who pays the price? All of us. Because we had such a yearning for history. Well I have a question. Herman Cain, if he became president, he would be the first black president, when you measure it by — because he doesn't — does he have a white mother, white father, grandparents, no, right? So Herman Cain, he could say that he's — he's — he's the first, uh — he could make the claim to be the first — yeah, the first Main Street black Republican to be the president of the United States. Right? He's historic too," – Laura Ingraham.